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Cashless Payments

Introduce new revenue streams, enhance the event experience, and learn more about your attendees by moving to a cashless experience.

Access Control

Speed up entry times and reduce ticket fraud with our next-gen access control and scanning platform.

Social Activations

Amplify your brand while building deep and meaningful relationships with your attendees through engaging experiential activations.

Cashless payments made easy

Ticketwise TAP heightens your attendee’s experience while giving you complete control over all event transactions and data.

Take control of your event’s cashflow with accurate cashflow reporting across all vendors. Save on infrastructure costs and reduce your cash counting and collecting liabilities.

TAP Handheld Device

Simple, yet powerful

TAP Self-serve top-up terminals
  • Eliminate financial fraud and errors

    Self-checkout means no missing money or human errors.

  • Reduce staffing costs

    Attendees manage their own top-ups on-site without the need for an operator.

  • Reduce queuing times

    Deploy more self-serve terminals throughout the event premises. Tip: Mount kiosks on bar entry fencing as customers are queuing to purchase drinks.

  • Increase attendee spend

    Encourage more spend on-site by allowing attendees to take control of their cash flow and making top-ups easy.

Reap the benefits of Cashless Sales

Increase on-site revenue

Boost attendee spend by up to 30% with cashless, frictionless transactions

Reduce infrastructure costs

Replace your traditional till and network infrastructure with self-contained, mobile RFID devices

Run 100% Offline – No online connectivity required

Ticketwise TAP runs seamlessly offline with wireless mesh networking technology

Additional revenue streams

Breakage from balance amounts left unclaimed see an increase of over 16% in event revenue

Print your own tickets

RFID ticketing done right

Replace paper tickets with interactive RFID wristbands or cards that allow multi-level access control.


Our RFID tags are impossible to duplicate.


Give attendees more time to enjoy the event.


Dramatically reduce lineups with instant scanning.


Control crowd flow directly from your smartphone.

How Ticketwise RFID Ticketing works

Ticketwise provides several unique ways to provide smooth fulfillment and access control for your attendees.

Option 1. Wristband / Card Swap On-Site

1. Scan Barcode

The barcode ticket is validated, to allow entry into the event.

2. Ticket Swap

Ticket is swapped with an RFID Wristband or Card.

3. Wristband Validated

Attendee’s wristband is validated at every access point.

Option 2. Mail-out Wristbands/Cards

1. Mail Fulfillment

The wristband/card is sent to the attendee in advance.

2. Wristband Presented

Attendees present their RFID wristband or card at the gate.

3. Wristband Validated

Attendee’s wristband is validated at every access point.

Ticketwise TAP Dashboard

Capacity and audience insights

  • Ticketwise TAP includes powerful event management software that lets you see how many attendees have been scanned in at the gates, giving you real-time visibility into capacity and overcrowding stats.
  • Hands-free attendee tracking can be implemented in different areas of your event, enabling you to see behavioral data and track the flow of crowds throughout the premises.

Staff accreditation and restricted areas

  • Ensure on-site staff always have access to areas or equipment by setting granular restrictions and permissions that our scanners will immediately identify.
  • Easily set VIP areas for people who purchased premium tickets, or as part of sponsorship deals, without the hassle of multiple types of tickets or badges.
Ticketwise TAP attendees

Take engagement to the next level

Connect your attendees’ RFID wristbands to their social media profiles to build stronger relationships between fans, sponsors, and brands.

Grow relationships

Build meaningful connections with attendees through social media.

Connect with brands

Do more for your attendees by taking their on-site experience a step further.

Get rich data insights

Easily combine social and event data for even deeper analytics and planning.

Supercharge sponsor ROI

Give your sponsors amazing value-for-money with a tech-forward solution.

Make a long-lasting impression

Find new ways to connect

Power experiential activations to increase customer loyalty.

Amplify the experience

Make it easy and fun for fans to share pictures on Facebook & Twitter.


Instant giveaways, leaderboards, polls, custom competitions and more.

Engage after the event

Offer exclusive promotional offers, downloadable content and more.

All the tools you need for increased engagement

  • Implement creative ways for attendees to interact with brands
  • Rich content is created and instantly shared across social media networks
  • Enable attendees to register and link wristbands to their social media accounts
  • Collect, analyze and share valuable attendee information and trends
  • Boost your sponsors ROI to strengthen the relationship for future years
Ticketwise TAP Social

Start selling tickets with us

Ticketwise TAP works with all event types, and is proven to make events smoother, more memorable and more profitable.

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