About My Tickets

My Tickets is the section where you can view orders, print tickets or resend mobile tickets.

Sign-in information is sent to the customer’s email when they purchase tickets to a Ticketwise event for the first time.

Sign In To Your Account:

Didn’t receive a password for your account? Check the spam folder in your email account. If you still can’t find your information, contact our Customer Support team who can help you find your account information.

Order and Ticket Details

The left side of the My Tickets menu shows you a complete list of all of the ticket orders you have placed for events on the Ticketwise system.


You can select individual orders to see each set of purchase info, or you can reprint your tickets.

Within each order, you can also see details for each ticket, including venue information, a link to directions in Google Maps, age restrictions, and price level or section details.

The user profile shows the name, location and email address assigned to your account. You can change these details by clicking Settings.


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